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Creditworthiness Input Information   

Your work with the Credirworthiness Tool begins with assessment of a potential borrower against a set of criteria that describe his general presentation and financial performance: net assets, liquidity, profitability, liabilities, business reputation, credit history, purpose of credit and management independence.

Each criterion may be evaluated using one of the following methods:

  • Numeric score - automatically calculated standard financial ratios (e.g. Liquidity of Assets) are scored within a numeric table scale
  • Fuzzy - if only approximate numeric value is known, or a verbal estimation may be provided, criteria is estimated as Moderately Low, Medium, Very High etc.
  • Very Fuzzy - even if information is uncertain or unreliable, it is not neglected and may be evaluated as Anyway Low, Around Average, or Unknown

After assessing all criteria, fuzzy mathematical calculations are performed, results are interpreted and the recommended decision is presented - whether the credit application should be accepted or rejected.

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