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Alphavit Tailor-Made Services   

Alphavit offers tailor-made services to companies pursuing new challenges and opportunities.

We provide targeted assistance to consulting firms, credit institutions and private businesses.

Support to International Donor Projects Bidding

To consulting companies bidding for projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and South-East Asia we propose assistance in:

  • Preparing Technical Proposals (background, methodology, CV of international and/or local Senior and/or Junior experts)
  • Searching for local consortium partners
  • Business translation (English, French, Russian, Arabic)

Assessment of Client Creditworthiness

Efficient practical tool for decision making in crediting. Your potential borrower is examined within accepted standard criteria (capital, reputation etc.) using a flexible data-sensitive mechanism for evaluation of each original criteria indicator.

This approach allows measuring not only numerical ratios, but also fuzzy verbal scoring, such as Poor credit history or Positive credit purpose.

Our system has self-learning capabilities based on posterior credit-return practice of each particular credit institution.

Development of a Company Attractiveness Profile

This is a preliminary stage for business planning, feasibility study, investment proposal, search for partnership and applying for funding or crediting. We offer companies a brief and informative presentation of their business before negotiations with potential partners and investors.

Spotlight Analysis of company performance focuses on its competitive advantages and verifies data transparency. Results may be used for developing further technical and investment documentation.

Software Outsourcing

Our team of technical programming is ready to:

  • Develop new software projects upon request
  • Adapt existing software
  • Design a website
  • Implement e-commerce solutions