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Company Attractiveness Profile and Spotlight Analysis  

Who benefits from preparing an Attractiveness Profile?

Your company when searching for new partners, potential investors, applying for a bank credit, bidding for projects, as well as critically reviewing your own business for new strategies and opportunities.

Attractiveness Profile is a little mirror to look at your company, a bride, with eyes of a future counterpart, a groom. Don't forget that the first impression is always very important.

What is an Attractiveness Profile?

A brief report containing only essential information on the background of your company and focusing on main economic and financial indicators of its performance. It is presented in text and graphic formats and employs the technique of Spotlight Analysis.

This technique is based on the math-statistical methods and allows to clear and verify standard company data used for calculation of standard ratios, thus delivering reliable indicators and showing the picture of the business as is. This approach is essential for demonstrating the transparency of your business, particularly for companies in new developing economies, or emerging markets.

Why standard financial analysis often fails to explain the real situation in the company?

The company may be forced to re-arrange original financial data to survive in unstable economic environment: to follow changing tax policies, excessive interest rates, discoordinated legislation. High inflation makes irrelevant analysis of data from different periods. Lack of professional management and accounting does not allow to perform realistic cost allocation, calculate a break even point and profitability ratios.

How does Spotlight Analysis work?

The client company fills in and sends Data Collection Forms containing standard information easy accessible in the company books. All data processing is performed on a strictly confidential basis. The results of Spotlight Analysis as well as Company Attractiveness Profile belong exclusively to the client company and may be used at its full discretion.

Spotlight Analysis includes:

  • Data verification and time-wise correction, if necessary
  • Spot on company overall performance: evaluation of current break even point and prospects for achieving stable profit operation
  • Spot on cost structure: cost distribution, actual values of fixed and variable costs, profitability and unit cost
  • Spot on main market segments and sales dynamics
  • Spot on company's credit health and available capital

The Final Report is presented to the client company in electronic and/or hard copy form.

In case if Spotlight Analysis defines serious deviations and incoherence in original data or highlights obvious management problems, the company might decide to perform deeper analysis and seek for consulting support rather then apply for investment or partnership.